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Retail Insight

Big data retail specialists

Over an extended employment of 4 years, there was a lot to sink my teeth into. Some exciting big projects like rebranding from 'RI' to 'Retail Insight'. Below is a selection of some of the more dynamic and exciting projects starting with the updated branding.

Print / Layout

The creation of digital and print publications was a staple. Wether for event collateral, content for the blog and mailing groups. Working with printers directly for print production and different platforms and software for digital content. 

White Paper
White Papers
Event Collateral Brochure
Event Collateral Banners

User Interface

Originally hired to be the "brand guardian" and to implement the latest branding. User Interface and Experience quickly became something I was heavily involved in. Setting asset libraries creating dashboards, working mock ups and more.


Overseeing the design there was opportunities to do some more creative and interesting bits of work despite being quite a corporate blue chip environment. 

International Women's Day posters
Internal logo
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