Filip Gavrilovic

Graphic Designer

I’ve been working in and around the marketing industry for almost 15 years.

I got my foot in the door as an Assistant Accounts Executive overseas at Ogilvy. After a good stint and a lot of lessons learned in client services, it became evident that I was more stimulated by the design side of things. So I jumped right in. I went “back to school” and trained up on the art of the aesthetic.

With my client services skills established and my new graphic design skills joining the party, I felt like a one man marketing machine. As such, it made sense to join a smaller unit, to take advantage of my broad skill set. Being in a small team also allowed me to dabble in different aspects of design and get a feel for what sat well with me.

Due to my somewhat unusual path to Design, I’ve ended up with a well-rounded set of skills. That said, I do excel at certain aspects of design. Most of all Branding... closely followed by Layout and User Interface. I’m adept at using most industry software but readily work in the Adobe suite. Specifically, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, XD and Acrobat.

My most recent role involved being the lead designer for Retail Insight, a big data company specialising in retail. This allowed me to work on a very wide spectrum of projects. Everything from event collateral and branding, office interior design to social media content, web design and presentation work. As well as artistic directing for anything with aesthetic implications along with the implementation of two company re-brands.

For nearly 10 years now; I have actively sought out freelance work. Working as both a graphic designer and photographer, allowing me to meet and visit interesting people and places.

I’m very passionate about creativity, whatever form it takes, and I love collaborating with others. My newest foray into design combines my passion for aesthetics with practicality; making custom handmade kitchen knives.